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Sunday, December 18, 2005

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Friday, December 09, 2005

Dr. Judy and the Sexpo

Singapore has a reputation for being a prim and proper place. Oral sex might still be considered taboo, but for the first time the island nation has allowed a sex industry convention. SPIEGEL ONLINE visited with US sexpert Dr. Judy.

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Sexpo -- sex exhibit in Singapore

SINGAPORE, Nov. 19 (UPI) -- To help boost the sagging birth rate in Singapore, the government's dating agency has sponsored the first sex exhibition -- Sexpo 2005.

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Still no sex, they’re Singaporean

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

The Crowd at Sexpo

Monday, November 21, 2005

It was incredible. The response was very good. It was heartening to hear from our exhibitors that this was very succesful for them. A good majority has indicated that they want to be in for the next Sexpo and will be building even bigger booths and/or pavilion. We notice that those who made an effort to brighten their booth, put people in to sell or promote reap multi fold returns.

Most importantly was for those who came to our exhibition ... did they get something of value ? Yes they did, judging by the attendance ... for our talks. We apologise that especially on Sunday, the queue was snaking everywhere and we could not provide a seating or even standing room for everyone.

I am repeating myself here : The sales were phenomenal for our exhibitors, some were selling out so fast ... it was a logistic issue to get resupplied. We got happy customers who bought and we got happy exhibitors. But the point is that those who bought stuff got value ... there is no stigma here ... everyone was buying.

What was negative for some ... perhaps for those who expect to see more titillation ... though we had dancing girls and fashion shows ... this was all very tame. And what was on show to sell were not the hard core stuff. It was delibrate and we will walk on the line that is socially acceptable and not harmful to our uniquely Singaporean brand of community and society. Others wanted their own culture to be shown ... not just Chinese. We totally respect that but we need help ... if you have expertise in ... javanese, malay, indian -- its culture, history and sexuality etc. Contact us. In fact a large part of any society can be examined by its sexual culture.

True we remain focus to deliver good content in terms of information, delivered in an entertaining way. We remain focus on enhancing relationships amongst couples and we did see so many couples. We want to increase even further our medical content, we felt we could do more here.

To those who say Sexpo was attended by retirees ... that is not true ... the amount of sales that were generated were clearly not from the retirees ... and the talks were really big with couples young and old ... Oh yes ... we did sell some of the furniture

For the next Sexpo ... expect it to be bigger with intriguing themes. Be educated in a fun way and for some it can be romantic session (we will build up that portion) ... let it be an outing for you that enhances your relationship. We will see you again.

regards from Sexpo

Monday, October 17, 2005

Tuesday 18 October 2005

Singapore’s first-ever showcase of Chinese sex culture presented at SEXPO™ Singapore

On 18 November, SEXPO™ Singapore 2005 is set to be even more exciting and enriching when more than a hundred exhibits from the world-renowned Museum of Ancient Chinese Sex Culture will be unveiled for the very first time in Singapore and in South-east Asia.

Never-before-seen examples of ancient Chinese customs and practices related to sexuality and sexual health will be presented. Learn how the taboo subject of sex education was handled among the ancient Chinese and passed down from generation to generation. And be amazed by the forms of genital worship exercised by some Chinese ancestors.

One of the exhibits is an 18th ~ 19th century Chinese dowry scroll with instructions on intimacy. Such scrolls were given by parents to their daughter in the dowry during their daughter’s wedding. Newlyweds would follow the instructions on the scroll during their wedding night to consummate their marriage.

Also on display is an 18th ~ 19th century Chinese sexual education accessory known as the “Trunk Bottom” (压箱底). A porcelain box with an innocuous object such as tomato or peanut painted over its lid, the “Trunk Bottom” when opened, will instead reveal image of intimacy. It was placed at the bottom of dowry trunks and boxes and hence its name. It also allowed a mother to prepare her daughter for her marriage.

According to Professor Liu, the founder of the museum, the objects he received from earlier generations of Chinese are abundant and of high quality.

“Chinese culture is 5,000-years-old, and this includes a rich and centuries-old culture of sex,” he adds.

The showcase is part of SEXPO™ Culture, one of four categories offered to visitors of SEXPO™ Singapore. SEXPO™ Singapore comprises of SEXPO™ Health – sexual health education, SEXPO™ Culture – sexual customs and practices, SEXPO™ Lifestyle – lifestyle products and services and SEXPO™ Novelty – adult novelty toys and games.

The Museum of Ancient Chinese Sex Culture (中华性文化博物馆) was established in 1999 by Professor Liu Dalin (刘达临教授), a pioneer of sex research in China, and Dr Hu Hongxia (胡宏霞博士). Set up initially in Shanghai's Nanjing Road, the museum subsequently moved to Tongli Town in Jiangsu Province, to a 5,000 square meter building that was formerly a girl's school.
The oldest exhibits in the museum date back 9,000 years and more than 30 exhibits are 5,000 years old. In particular, the Sex Culture Park of Stone Carvings, which was completed at the end of last September, houses more than 60 stone carvings about sex.

SEXPO™ Singapore is proudly supported by Vicon™, maker and patent holder of the world’s first vibrating condoms, now available in Singapore as well as the USA, China and Taiwan.

Limited spaces in SEXPO™ Singapore are available to exhibitors and sponsors. For more information, call our sales team at 6255-5919.

About SEXPO Singapore 2005

SEXPO™ Singapore is Singapore’s first Sexuality, Sexual Health and Lifestyle Exhibition. It will be held at Singapore Expo Hall 4A from 18 to 20 November. The event is separated into two sections: the “Living Room”, accessible to the general public, and the “Bedroom” for adults above the age of 21. SEXPO™ Singapore is expected to receive more than 60,000 visitors from Singapore and abroad. Tickets are at SGD$15 for adults and SGD$3 for minors (including TicketCharge fee). Visit our website at for more updates on the event.

For more information, kindly contact:

Name: Kenny Goh
Tel: +65 6255 5919
Fax: +65 6255 3273

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

7th October we went over to1-nite stand and gotham

Girls from Sensual Joy

Girls had fun talking to the patrons

Sensual Joy studio is found at this website :

At Gotham ..

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Heya people out there

we gonna hit 1nitestand, gotham and attica this friday. Our girls will be there. Sensual Joy our joyful partner will be there with us to help promote sexpo

and here is a mention from today :

we got other stuff cooking and we will pumping more news out